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Many years ago medical science had confirmed the connection between our brain development and our bio-metric between the 10th to 21st weeks before birth. Since it had been established by researchers over centuries that both happen simultaneously, they concluded that our fingerprints are the reflections of our brain pathways. The patterns on your fingertips reveal the processing speed, character style and abilities on how our brain handles our senses and responses which is called our innate intellect. It also reveals how we both learn (input) and use or execute (output) information. Our fingerprints reveal our innate intellects, personality profile type and sensory receptivity style but it does not show any of our experience and exposure acquired through learning. Our  fingerprints also reveal the best way we learn and study, they expose our strengths and limitations of our innate potentials and how they affect our abilities to handle our decision making, self-belief, creativity and relationships in our business and personal life. Being aware of our innate intellects help us to optimize them and show us How Many Ways Are We Smart. Our psychometric assessment which comes along with the innate assessment helps to measure our experience and exposure acquired till date. Thus the two assessments give us an insight on how to using our natural strengths along with our acquired skills to be successful professionally and personally.