Career Counseling Services

Human Resource Management Profiling

The dynamics of our corporate environment today is important to our company's success. With our powerful brain mapping technology, you can position all personnel into their best strengths. Acquiring the bio-metric innate intellect assessment for all of your employees will help HR to direct the optimal personnel to the right department.  Our bio-metric innate intellect assessment helps your company to: Improve and strengthen communication throughout the company Enhance performance through understanding innate strengths and personality profile and acquired skills Improve company moral though better working environment and management Understand your entire staff and departments in how best to man-oeuvre your personnel and build up weak areas.

 One of the core driving factors of any business is the competency level of the various team members throughout the company. An individual manager likely has a team of employees that combine their skills to produce the work necessary to achieve a goal. When the skills of the members of that team improve, the outcomes can be better, faster, and generally more useful for the company as a whole. 



The key to an effective human resources strategy is to select, promote, and develop people who will be of value to your company. Our Innate Competency Profile (ICP) Assessment and selection programs are based on the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform a specific job. The individual assessment gives an insight of the natural competency abilities ranging from Analytical Skills, Innovative Thinking Ability, Strategic Vision, Business Acumen, Communication - Written Skills, Tech. Savviness, Naturalist Ability, Drive for Excellence Customer Driven, Continuous Learning, Pressure Handling Ability, Initiative and Responsibility, Adaptability, Decision Making, Planning and Organizing, Reliability, Team Player, Influencing Skills, Communication - Oral Skills, Collaboration, Integrity and Mutual Respect, Emotional Connect and Kinesthetic Response which are indicated into the S.W.O.T. parameters. This is helpful for Career Counseling Services and to HR heads during the selection and recruiting process.



The assessments, tools, and techniques used is to determine which of the candidates who are most likely to succeed in the organization. All of our selection systems are statistically validated. This ensures that they are legally defensible and will provide you an excellent return on your investment. Intellect Competency Profiling (ICP) Assessment is important not just for ensuring the successful operation of a business or organization, but also for supporting employees’ motivation and career planning. An effective employee review helps to align individual in-born talent with the goals of the organization; it also provides clear communication as well as work responsibilities and objectives, it identifies the training needs, and encourages positive relationships between employees and the management. While planning the up-skilling or cross-skilling process for existing employees in the organization our ICP (Innate Competency Profiling) helps to identify and select which type of further training suitable for a particular employee for a double functional role in the organization.