Jigna and Samir Khotari

It has been a great experience to take advice from Dr. RICHARD, who sorted off all our queries n lend us information, conveying it fluently with great accuracy.

His guidance has made my daughter compassionate towards her futurist goals.

Thank you very much Doctor.

- Parents

Harin Gandhi

Really an eye-opener, at times you don't realize what's the impact you leave on others through your words or expressions, learned.    I learnt the impact  and ability how to nurture relationship, giving importance and focus  on feelings.

- Corporate Director

Muskaan Ahuja

I got to know a lot more things about myself. Thanks you for letting me understanding my strengths and weaknesses

- Class 10 Student

Deepali Barmade

It was  a very positive and motivative.    I learnt a lot of things and now I can overcome all my problems because of all the things I got to know now.

- Banker

Kashish Kilani

Dr. Richard's Innate Intellect Assessment has really helped me discover  my strengths and explain my weaknesses  to  overcome in my career. Thank youso much.

- Professional Training Institute Director 

Abidali Dossa

It was an awesome experience for me to discover and understand my self. Now I am more clear about my strengths and limitations, being an entrepreneur it had made me realize what to work with by business partner. I do recommend  at my training conferences to have this life changing experiment for self-help.

- Director at UBS Transformance